Mental Illness: A Family Disease

There is a possibility that you did hit the instant million dollar lottery of relationship. But look for several factors before you leap into a marriage commitment.

Q – You grew up with little emotional support from the most important people in your life – your parents. Your article My Parents, Unwilling Sterilization, and God was very difficult to read, but brings awareness to a horrible reality. Tell us how you overcame such daunting circumstances and what your advice is to other writers and anyone else enduring abuse at home.

This waiting time is the time you can use to improve yourself. I’m sure you have something you always wanted to do. Find something that you have long dreamed about doing and throw your life into it. Now is the time to pursue all the non-romantic things you have always longed to achieve. This is “me” time for you now. Use it! Do you want to make yourself better in any way, now is the time to do it. Find a way to use all this negative energy and turn it into something positive. This will make you feel good about yourself again.

If three or more symptoms that are mentioned above occur to you, you might be in the ‘up phase’ of depression and crazy (manic depression). In this case, you should consult your doctor immediately.

When in a good mood a person is much more friendly, easier to get along with, calm and generally good natured. Being in a good mood also helps a person to be more energetic and even more talkative. A person can be in a good mood based on their current situation – A sunny day, a birthday party, a vacation in Hawaii.

An unwell mind will normalize eventually. She will return to her baseline and be just as in love with Jack as she always was, except now- she has this laundry list of whatever horrible things she’s said and done to him while she was severely unwell. And at this point, most of us Bipolars will be watching the ashes of yet another important thing in our lives slip through our fingers. A number of us will go silent on the matter if we don’t understand our illness very well because what can you really say? What could possibly make up for those horrible actions? “I’m sorry” is often a pale shadow compared to the wound.

You are left alone when you used to be an unit. You are fending for yourself in this world when you used to have an ally. It can feel like you are starting over, not just in regards to a new relationship, but regarding your life as well.

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